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Experiences abroad

A different experience

We enjoy advising every student on the best choice according to their age, travel experience, personal interests, time availability, level of English,…

We have been working with two schools since 1990, one in London and the other in Sidmouth, and we have complete confidence in both of them. Our close working relationship and the experience of students who have done courses there confirm how well organised they are both in terms of providing excellent accommodation and offering quality classes.

We are also representatives for other companies offering a variety of trips: home stay without lessons, exam courses, au-pair,…

To the young ones we can offer summer camps or activities in English previous to their trip abroad.

  • Courses are available in 6 English language schools around the world.
  • More than 100% of our students would recommend us.
  • Take advantage of 40 years of experience delivering top-quality education.

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