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SIS is in located in Sidmouth, a small and quiet town in the county of Devon, in the South of England, in an area
called the Jurassic Coast.

We have been working with the school since 1990 and we can guarantee its excellent performance and that its teaching staff are accredited by the BRITISH COUNCIL.

Not only do we recommend SIS for its long experience in teaching English, but also for its town, which is perfect for teenagers and young learners, as there are none of the dangers found in a big city. What is more, they offer a wide range of extracurricular activities, like a half-day and a full-day excursions, evenings out at a disco, tennis, barbecues and much more.

The students live with families overseen by the GOVERNMENT CHILD PROTECTION AGENCY and regularly inspected by school staff. Families which host young students normally children of similar ages and take them to and from school every day.