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General courses


Children aged 3 to 6 play in an environment 100% in English. We make the most of the learning capacity the children have at that age to introduce them to the language.


4 courses for children aged 7 to 11, where they take their first steps towards the knowledge of English with a very communicative approach.


Throughout this 3-year stage, teenagers aged 12 to 15 work with more challenging aspects of the language and start to use it confidently.


This is the first step to learning English, even though many of our students already have some previous knowledge of English. We take their age and level into account to create groups that are as homogeneous as possible.


After the introductory course, students start to experiment with more complex grammatical forms and are able to communicate within a range of familiar topics. Students at this level come from Elementary or Teen 4. We always take age and schedule availability when making the groups.


This course consolidates basic grammar and gives students more independence. It is the minimum recommended level to study abroad.


At this level, once the basic grammar has been mastered, students start expanding their command of the language.


This course consolidates B2 level and exposes students to the type of exercices found in the First Certificate in English (FCE).


This is the course to prepare to sit the FCE. Students acquaint themselves with the requirements to pass the official exam. We place great emphasis on communication and encourage students to use English away from the classroom. Students sit the FCE once they have successfully passed a mock exam with at least 65% marks. If necessary, a second FC course may be offered.

ADV 1 C1

This course is very enjoyable, as there is none of the pressure of preparing an official exam. The focus is on improving the quality of the language: acquiring vocabulary and set expressions and expanding range to move up to Advanced level.


This level consists of two courses of exhaustive preparation for Cambridge Advanced Exam. Students who demonstrate a satisfactory level may take the exam on the first year.


We offer three Proficiency levels where students work on mastering the English language at the highest level.