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Private lessons and business English

Great flexibility

Companies require specific attention, given that students are not always
homogenous (regarding age or language level).

We offer English classes in a wide range of levels and schedules. French, Italian and German are also offered, but with more reduced availability.

Students who come from companies may join our group classes, ensuring that each student is placed in the exact level that is right for them.

Private classes and/or company classes
As an alternative to traditional groups, our teachers adapt to the students schedules and their learning needs.

Classes may take place in companies (individual or group classes) or in the school (individual classes). If the classes are in group in the company, they follow the same programme as in the school and the syllabus and objectives are also the same. If the classes are individual, the school will advise on what suits the student best – following a specific book as groups do, focusing on conversation and/or listening exercises, designing a specific syllabus… it will depend on the student’s needs, field of work, level, etc.

We know that what is needed in most cases is specific vocabulary; therefore we usually make use of the material the company can provide.

Classes can start at any time of the year and usually consist of 2-3 hours per week.

Student attendance and progress
If the company requires so, the school will send a follow-up of the student regarding learning progress and attendance to their superior in the company.

We offer an interpreting, translating and sworn translation service in all languages. Please feel free to ask for a quote.